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I write because of encounters with whales, hurricanes, clownfish, sea snakes, Tuvalu children, dancing dolphins, hitchhiking birds, meditating iguanas, Swami Ram, a baby elephant, a Maori lawyer, the gentle Thai people, and a birthing in Lamu, to name a few. My favorite place in the world is mid-ocean in a serenity that is never completely silent, with the purity of nature's power, the beauty of touchable stars, gentle winds and hellacious storms. With my husband, Rauf Bolden, I spent seven years circumnavigating Earth. 160,000 miles in our 35ft sloop, Applause. The adventures included getting arrested in Yemen when we mistakenly anchored in a PLO training bay at the Gate-of-Tears (Bab-el-Mandeb). I write from experience and from seafarer's stories gathered along the way, letting fact and fiction freely dance. I write because I must.

On our maiden voyage in the Caribbean on our 24ft Kitchema we received the good omen of a close encounter with a Right Whale. I've been unable to capture that experience with words, but I'll not give up.

After years of voyaging we settled on land for a while, but have returned to the sea, to the life we love, aboard RainFinger, and here we'll stay.




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